Dan Charlier and Synergy Financial present

Double Your Income in WFG by Doubling Your Retention


Long Beach, CA • June 10, 2017

Learn how to coach your team in Approval Addiction and double your retention rate!


Learn to overcome approval addiction and you will become fearless in prospecting, selling, calling and inviting, and that is a formula for a financial empire.

Here are some of the tools you will learn:

  •  What Approval Addiction is and how we acquire it
  •  How to break the addiction once and for all
  •  How to coach your team to become desensitized to disapproval
  •  How to use mental toughness to stay motivated during the process
  •  How to uncover your teams emotional hot buttons to keep them moving forward
  •  How to use targeted questioning to uncover the emotional power that drives people
  •  How to use Critical Thinking Questions and Tough Love at the right time
  •  How to identify benchmarks and milestones as you’re coaching people through approval addiction

Long Beach Westin - Long Beach, CA